051128744802 - 3M Privacy Filter for 19" Standard Monitor (5:4) (PF190C4B)

UPC : 051128744802
Color : Black
Model : PF190C4B
Size : 19.0
In stock.
  • Effective "black out" privacy from side views outside the 60-degree viewing angle
  • Helps reduce reflections so you see your screen clearly with pristine image clarity
  • Reversible between a glossy side and glare-reducing matte
  • Designed with advanced microlouver technology, creating an excellent high-resolution viewing experience
  • Matte surface helps reduce glare and hide fingerprints.Designed to seamlessly fit within the raised bezel of your device
  • Fits screen sizes of 19" diagonaly measured (Width 14 13/16",Height 11 7/8")
  • Protects on screen data when viewed from the side keeping your electronic information confidential making it excellent for use in high traffic areas.
  • Provides 1.5 times more effective privacy than competitive models.
  • Helps protect your fragile LCD screen from damage
  • Filter is reversible;Choose glossy or matte side
Product Description
3M Privacy Filters keep confidential information private. Only persons directly in front of the monitor can see the image on screen; others on either side of them see a darkened screen.
Do you ever have confidential information or other sensitive information on your computer monitor that you don't want others to see? If you do, then the 3M PF19.0 LCD Privacy Computer Filter is for you. This 3M Privacy Filter makes on-screen data visible only to persons directly in front of the monitor. This not only helps reduce the stress and inconvenience associated with trying to conceal these sensitive documents, but it also improve your productivity by allowing you to continue working with confidential information, even when others are nearby.

In addition to keeping confidential and private information private, this filter also protects your LCD panel from scratches or abrasions. A unique attachment system makes it easy to attach and remove. 3M computer filters are easy to clean by simply using a soft, lint-free cloth and glass cleaner to wipe away fingerprints and soil.

Product Information

051128744802 - 3M Privacy Filter for 19" Standard Monitor (5:4) (PF190C4B)

Aspect ratio Unknown
Color Black
Label 3M
Languages English
Manufacturer parts warranty description Manufacturers Limited Warranty:1 Year
Model PF190C4B
Number of items 1
Package quantity 1
Part number PF190C4B
Platform Windows
Publisher 3M
Size 19.0
Warranty One Year

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