047162021214 - Lava Lite 2121 14.5-Inch Classic Silver-Based Lava Lamp, Pink Wax/Purple Liquid

UPC : 047162021214
Color : Silver Base/Pink Wax/Purple Liquid
Model : 2121-4002
Size : 20-ounce
In stock.
  • Classic, iconic shaped lava lamp with glass globe for home, dorm room, or office.
  • Soothing, slow-moving bubbles.The heating process can take up to 8 hours before proper lava flow begins
  • Glass housing with steel base and matching cap.
  • Electrical cord with inline switch for plug-in operation; 25-watt incandescent bulb included. Trouble-shooting tips can also be found on website - http://www.lavalamp.com/UseCareGuides.
  • 90-day limited warranty. For any further queries please contact Lava Lite Customer Service at (800) 336-5282 weekdays 8-5 CST or info@lavalite.com.
Product Description
Ah, the lava lamp. One of the most beloved and recognizable icons from the 1960s and 1970s. Lava Lite resurrects the groovy gizmo, bringing it back to the forefront of trendy home decor. The iconic lamp's shape stays true to the original's geometric design, while its wax/ liquid color scheme bubbles its hypnotizing splendor behind the glass for a whole new generation. Furthermore, a steel base anchors the unit with a sturdy foundation, while a matching cap infuses it with a cool sense of symmetry and completion. Powered with a standard electrical cord with inline switch and lit with a 25-watt incandescent bulb, the lamp's soothing glow gently illuminates any study, den, office, or bedroom. Better yet, pair it with a disco ball and some hip records to drum up a downright dynamite party. A funky, radical gift for a family member or friend. Carries a 90-day limited warranty.

The original manufacturer of Lava Lamps, Lava Lite delights in satisfying the cravings of lava-lamp aficionados with a continual offering of new lamps--everything from glittered and patterned varieties to cool and quirky color schemes, color-phasing vortex styles, and more. Lava Lite's selection of replacement bulbs, help keep each light operating in style and at peak capacity.

When you first start this Lava Lamp, give it 8 hours to run in a lava-y fashion. The Lava Lamp will start by forming ?towery ? wax pillars. This is normal and eventually it will start to flow, with blobs colliding and oozing around the glass globe.

If you have any issues with your Lava Lamp, please check our troubleshooting guide or visit http://www.lavalamp.com/UseCareGuides or you can always call our toll free customer service line (800) 336-5282 between the hours of 8-5 CST or via email: info@lavalite.com

Troubleshooting steps : During initial warm-up of your Lava Lamp, the coil in the globe may tend to stand on end or float to the top of the globe. If this happens, keep your Lava Lamp operating for four-hours or more to allow the secret solution to become completely melted. The coil should then automatically drop to its correct position at the bottom of the globe. If the coil does not drop down, then twirl the globe GENTLY in the base and the coil will drop. Do not shake and handle with care!

Product Information

047162021214 - Lava Lite 2121 14.5-Inch Classic Silver-Based Lava Lamp, Pink Wax/Purple Liquid

Color Silver Base/Pink Wax/Purple Liquid
Label Lava Lite
Manufacturer maximum age 1188 months
Manufacturer minimum age 36 months
Model 2121-4002
Number of items 1
Package quantity 1
Part number LL14PP
Publisher Lava Lite
Size 20-ounce
Warranty Warranted by LAVA?? World International?? against defects in workmanship or materials for 90 days from date of purchase. If for any reason (other than a burned-out bulb or misuse) your LAVA?? brand motion lamp does not run properly, then return the part to your retailer.

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