036000139839 - Kleenex Wallet Pack Facial Tissues (200 Packs)

UPC : 036000139839
Model : 00036000142358
Size : Pack of 12
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  • Slim design easily fits into handbags, backpacks or pockets
  • Gentle and comforting for makeup smudges, sniffles and messy faces
  • Soft, strong and absorbent facial tissues lock in moisture
  • 3-ply thickness for durability
  • Kleenex Everyday Tissues trusted care for all the seasons of life
  • Sneeze Shield Reduces the amount of wetness that gets on hands
  • Convenient Travel Size
  • Wallet Size is great for Backpacks pockets and Purses
Product Description
One soft tissue is all it takes to show you care, and with Kleenex On-The-Go Slim Packs you can keep care within reach for friends, strangers, and yourself. Delivering softness and strength, Kleenex facial tissues are durable with 3-ply thickness and are absorbent to lock in moisture.. Pack of 12These on-the-go slim pack tissues are soft, strong and absorbentSlim, stylish and easily fit in a backpack or back pocketPack of 12

Product Information

036000139839 - Kleenex Wallet Pack Facial Tissues (200 Packs)

Label Kleenex
Model 00036000142358
MPN 00036000142358
Number of items 216
Package quantity 216
Part number 00036000142358
Publication date 2011-05-02
Publisher Kleenex
Release date 2011-06-06
Legal disclaimer DISCLAIMER: This item is sold in assorted styles and the actual style that you receive may be different than the photos. The photos are for illustration purposes only
Size Pack of 12

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