025195008280 - Heroes - Season One

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  • 1035 minutes or approximately 15 1/2 hours
  • includes the never-before-aired series premiere
Product Description
Discover the phenomenon that is sweeping audiences everywhere as Heroes: Season 1 comes to DVD! Experience the suspense, mystery, and electrifying twists as this astonishing series follows seemingly unconnected, ordinary people around the globe who discover they have extraordinary powers. As they come to terms with their unique abilities, their risky decisions will affect the futures of everyone around them ?and the world. Join their epic journey in this seven-disc set packed with hours of fascinating and revealing bonus features, including the never-before-aired series premiere from show creator Tim Kring.
Arguably the most talked-about television show of the 2006-2007 season, the Emmy-nominated fantasy Heroes gives viewers blends comic book-style adventure with plotting and characters as rich and layered as any graphic novel or drama series. Creator Tim Kring's premise is deceptively simple ? ordinary individuals in locations around the globe discover that they have, for lack of a better term, super powers, and wrestle with this reality while facing challenges both global (the destruction of New York City, for one) and personal (indestructible cheerleader Hayden Panetierre has family issues ? serious ones, as the true identity of her adoptive father reveals; Milo Ventimiglia's Peter Petrelli, who absorbs other powers, must overcome his own insecurities). Add to this mix a terrific villain ? Zachary Quinto's Sylar, who hunts and kills people with extraordinary powers like our heroes ? and viewers have a riveting series that exhibits an almost-perfect balance of cliffhanger thrills (the action and special effects are truly impressive for a network program) and genuine drama that sets the show apart from most speculative fiction (save, perhaps, the revived Battlestar Galactica, which it compares too favorably). The seven-disc set of Heroes: Season One offers a wealth of extras for fans, who may be familiar with some of them through the NBC.com website, especially the cast commentaries, which are featured on half of the episodes. Kring is featured on the 73-minute uncut pilot episode, which for some viewers, may be even better than the network version; the main difference is the degree of character development, including an entire storyline for D.L. Hawkins that isn't featured in the broadcast version. Also on deck are some 50 deleted scenes from the episodes, several by-the-books making-of featurettes, including coverage of the special effects and stunt work, and a profile of artist Tim Sale, whose illustrations are used for Isaac Mendez's prophetic artwork. Prospective buyers should note that while all of these supplemental features are included on the HD-DVD version of this set, the special Web-connectivity elements are not available here. -- Paul Gaita

Product Information

025195008280 - Heroes - Season One

Actor Hayden Panettiere||Masi Oka||Ali Larter||Adrian Pasdar||Milo Ventimiglia
Aspect ratio 1.78:1
AudienceRating PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)
Format Anamorphic||Box set||NTSC||Digital Sound||Color
Label Universal
Languages English, French, Spanish, English
MPN 61101031
NumberOfDiscs 7
Number of items 7
Package quantity 1
Part number 61101031
PictureFormat Anamorphic Widescreen
Publication date 2013-02-26
Publisher Universal
RegionCode 1
Release date 2007-08-28
RunningTime 1035 minutes

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