025024592355 - Ace Any Test: How to Study (Highbridge Distribution)

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This is a test: Name the greatest cause of stress and anxiety in students today. The answer? Tests. An antidote to test-related symptoms ?including fear, nervousness, and knots in the stomach"Ace" Any Test walks test-takers of all ages through the steps of successful test preparation, including:

Creating the time to study
Deciding when to really start studying
Studying smarter, not harder
Reading for maximum retention
Preparing for essay tests
Preparing for objective tests

Friendly and encouraging, written in clear, understandable vocabulary with touches of humor, it's recommended for anyone who'd rather "ace" tests than suffer through them.

Product Information

025024592355 - Ace Any Test: How to Study (Highbridge Distribution)

Author Ron Fry
Format Audiobook||Unabridged
ISBN 1565112466
Label Highbridge Audio
Languages English, English, English
Number of items 1
Publication date 1998-03-01
Publisher Highbridge Audio
Release date 1998-03-01
RunningTime 4800 seconds

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