012546612296 - Trident Original Gum Mint

UPC : 012546612296
Model : MCLANE500764886
Size : 12 pack
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  • Trident Original Gum
  • Trident Original Gum Mint
Product Description
Get close-up confidence with trident sugar free gum, the easy way to freshen breath and help protect against tooth decay. Four out of five dentists recommend chewing trident after eating and drinking to clean and protect teeth. With 30% fewer calories than sugared gum, trident is sweetened with xylitol which provides long lasting flavor, fights plaque, and restores pH balance to maintain healthy smiles. Pop a piece of mouthwatering original trident for a refreshing taste that keeps going as long as you do. This order includes 12 18-stick packs of original trident sugar free gum.

Product Information

012546612296 - Trident Original Gum Mint

Model MCLANE500764886
MPN 012546612296
Package quantity 1
Part number 012546612296
Publisher TRIDENT
Size 12 pack
SKU 130134

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