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Best Work Boots For Men & Women – Guides and In-dept Reviews

Protecting your feet can be synonymous with keeping your job if you work in construction, mining or even forestry services. Hardworking men and women alike often need to keep their toes dry, insulated and comfortable in extreme conditions, and only the best work boots for men and women can provide that security day after day.

A well-designed set of steel-toed work boots will be sure to set your mind at ease whether your coworker is yelling “Timber!” or simply shouting “Watch out!”. Meanwhile, strong insulating and waterproof materials also contribute in a big way to your feet staying free of injury.

Finding the best boots for men is difficult enough, but for women finding anything besides fashion boots is beyond challenging. Moreover, every industry has different requirements for footwear, some with regulations adding their own safety standards to your individual needs.

Good news

No matter who you are or what hazards you face in your daily life, our work boot reviews have you covered when it comes to finding the right quality and reliability for your field. We went the extra mile with our comprehensive boot guides so you can, too. Browse our helpful guides and reviews to find the best boots for your needs in your industry.

They will Protect you from the Unexpected

You may not realize that your work environment is a dangerous place. Statistics show that 25% of all injuries at work relate to the feet. So, this means that one person out of every four employees is going to suffer from a foot injury.

Another 10% of all injuries are caused by painful punctures, cuts, bruises and collisions. Don’t forget about the 15% related to nasty falls. If you don’t want to become a statistic, get a pair of boots.

You will feel and look … Awesome!

If your job requires standing all day, you need to wear the best work boots for men on the market. When your feet feel sore, your entire body feels less energetic. If you wear the best work boots available, you’ll see a difference in the way you perform at work.

Good boots will keep you on your toes. Your feet and entire body will thank you for paying attention.
Maybe you’ll even get a raise or a promotion.

The best work boots for men will last almost Forever

Select quality work boots for men manufactured for your type of work. The best work boots refuse to wear out as easily as cheap boots. Your bank account will benefit from the expected longevity associated with well-made boots.

So, what are the right boots for me?

No matter what industry you’re in, you need the ability to power through your day without worrying about your footwear. When shopping for work boots, think about what’s most important to you.

Do you need all-day comfort?
Do you prefer lightweight work boots?
Does your job require special safety boots?

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of your options, but we’ll walk you through these questions and more to help you find the right pair of work boots.

When asking yourself these questions, consider your work environment to help you decide on the right pair. While work conditions are unique to each industry, here is a quick look at the most common on-the-job situations that you may encounter.

It’s Wet

If you will only encounter water every now and then, water-resistant leather boots may be just what you need. However, if your daily duties involve water, then you need a heavy-duty waterproof boot that is guaranteed to keep the water out.
After all, who can work all day in soggy socks?

If you don’t like the bulk or feel of waterproof boots, you can opt for a waterproof cream instead.

It’s Cold

Whether you work outdoors in freezing temperatures or indoors in a cold atmosphere, you need an insulated boot to keep your feet warm. Keeping your toes nice and toasty will keep you productive when you’d rather be curled up under a blanket.


If you need to be quick on your feet until quitting time, you need a boot that you can slip on in seconds. When there is work to be done, you don’t have time to fiddle with laces and straps, so a pull-on work boot may be your perfect match.

You are moving alot

If you’re climbing ladders or trekking across rugged terrain, the boot you choose will need to move with you. Flexible uppers and contoured soles will make you feel as though you’re wearing a sneaker while providing the protection of a work boot.

You have long shifts on hard floors

Standing on your feet all day is like subjecting them to the force created by a cement truck that’s fully loaded. We know that you need more than just comfort. The best work boots for men and women must support your feet, protect them from injury, keep you from slipping and help you conquer even the toughest project.

If you’re spending the day walking across concrete floors, your feet take a beating. Look for shoes with a thick sole that provides support from heel to toe. Heavier boots may drag you down; consider the weight of the boot before making a purchase if you’re lugging your feet behind you all day long.

It’s a Dangerous Job

Some industries call for added safety precautions to be taken, and if yours is one of them, you need a solid pair of safety boots. Steel-toe work boots, non-slip styles and electrical-resistant varieties are just a few of the safety features that you may want to consider.

Best Work Boots For Men & Women

If you work around sharp or heavy objects, you’ll need added protection around your foot. The soles of your work boots need to be thick enough to shield you if you step on a nail. Steel-toe boots safeguard your toes from danger. Many steel-toe boots combine the newest technology with maximum protection, resulting in a boot that feels lighter and wears longer.

Working around liquids or oils can put you at risk for slips and falls. For jobs that require climbing ladders, standing on ledges or walking on roofs, you need work boots that have slip-resistant tread on the bottom and rugged reliable construction. Many boots are resistant to water and oil, making them ideal for working in messy environments. They should also be breathable enough to keep your foot from overheating during your long workday.

How are the best work boots made?

If you have a job that requires you to protect your head, eyes or air passages, you probably need to protect your feet as well. Give them the necessary support and protection with quality work boots. Not all work boots are the same. When choosing work boots, it is especially important to pay attention to how they are constructed.

The two main types of work boot construction are Goodyear welt and cement attachment.
Goodyear welt is the most popular choice among buyers. With Goodyear welt, the top part of the boot is sewn onto a thick leather or plastic strip of material, and that piece of anchor material is sewn onto the boot’s foundation. The welt is then glued and stitched onto the outsole. This makes it almost impossible for the boot to come apart completely. It is ideal for a job that requires a rugged and reliable boot. Another benefit of Goodyear welt construction is that boots can be re-soled and repaired easily.

Cement construction (direct attach) involves gluing the top part of the boot to the foundation portion with shoe cement. This type of construction contributes to better flexibility and a lightweight feeling. A flexible boot conforms well to your unique foot shape and is a great choice for maximum comfort. If cemented boots come apart between the upper boot and the bottom foundation, they can be re-cemented by a shoe repair business.

When buying work boots online, keep these important factors in mind before making a selection. The right type of boot depends on personal preferences and the demands of a specific type of job. If you are just starting a new job, find out if the company has requirements or restrictions for work boots. Also, read reviews about different work boots to learn what other buyers liked or disliked about them.